The Amazing, Vanishing Windscreen Chip?

Take a look at this chip:


Before repair

There’s a slight reflection in the mirror, so for avoidance of doubt, the damage is to the left of the mirror. This image was taken before any attempt was made to repair the damage.

Here is the after:


After repair

Here’s the twist: no windscreen repair resin was used. Not a drop. There is no camera trickery here either, and the image has not been edited in any way. Also, the damage was not touched in any way; no tools were used whatsoever. The process, from ‘before’ to ‘after’ took about 20 seconds.


Please note: the car was not handed back to the owner at this stage.


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Windscreen Rain (and Light) Sensors: Audi



This is how a properly installed rain sensor should look:

Audi Rain Sensor Correctly Fitted

Correctly fitted


If the sensor gel pad is missing, it will affect the sensitivity – or functioning – of the sensor. Many windscreens are being replaced, and the sensor pad is not renewed. The auto wiper function may still work, but it will not be as responsive, and sharp, as a sensor fitted with a gel pad.


Without Gel Pad

Incorrectly fitted

Active Lane Assist, or Lane Departure Warning cameras are fitted differently and will not require a gel pad.