BMW 5 F10/F11 Windscreen

A few images of a BMW windscreen being fitted correctly to an F11 (2012 5 Series Touring). There are many misconceptions about windscreens and how they are installed. The aim of this post is to show the key stages so that you can gain a better understanding of how your windscreen is fitted.

First, the substrate is cleaned and removed of any gaming contaminants as part of the pre-bonding preparation:

BMW 5 Windscreen - prep stage

Preparation is crucial; get this wrong and it’s only a matter of time before the problems begin to manifest online gaming themselves. Here you see the addition of Polyurethane adhesive (PUR) and a thick strip of absorbent material across the bottom of the glass.

BMW 5 Windscreen by Glasstec

Glasstec1 Images405 (2)

The new (OEM) windscreen comes with all the correct hardware:

.BMW Windscreen

Special attention to detail includes LoL ensuring the windscreen will be ‘set’ at the recommended height by using the correct buffers, and positioning them according to the manufacturer’s specification:

Windscreen Buffer

The windscreen is now set in place and aligned against markers set-out from laying the screen in ‘dry’. This reduces any time spent on measuring to centralise the glass.

Windscreen Fitted

No scratches to the paintwork means no black paint to hide them (one of the biggest misconceptions on what ‘black’ adhesion promoter is used for).

No Scratches

Before the A-pillar trims are refitted, a few checks are made just to satisfy that there is good contact of PUR between the two surfaces.

Glasstec Windscreen

Camera, rain/light sensor, condensation sensor and the rear view mirror assembly are reintroduced:

BMW Windscreen Technology

BMW 5 Series Touring F11 Windscreen: done.

11 thoughts on “BMW 5 F10/F11 Windscreen

  1. quick question

    can a spurious windscreen fitted to an f10 cause rattles in the dash.
    i have this problem and bmw say that only a genuine bmw screen and fitting kit will solve this in cork in ireland and it costs 1000 euro plus for them to do this.any help/advice would be geatly appreciated as this is wrecking my head.

    thanks a lot
    paul cronin

    • Hi, and thanks for getting in touch.

      Whilst there are quality differences between OEM and aftermarket/copy windscreens, the problems are usually attributed to installer error. If you’ve had the windscreen replaced, what is the fitting company saying?

  2. Hi , I have a very similar issue with my F10 , When driving on rough & bumpy roads i hear annoying rattle noise from behind the dash, if i press hard on the dash when at standstill i can hear similar noise, so there is definitely something wrong between the dash and windscreen sealing that causes rattle. Looks like the previous owner replaced the original with an off market and whoever fixed it did did not do the proper job. my glass is good though no chips or cracks. what would be the best solution for my problem

  3. Thanks a lot for the quick response, I am located in Bradford BD4 8JJ and i work out of Leeds LS11 8B

      • Hi Paul,
        I got the Windscreen replaced by Autoglass yesterday, they fit in Pelkin brand windscreen and the problem hasn’t gone away. I have requested them to recheck and advise as necessary, wanted to know if we replace the Pelkin with BMW Original will that resolve the issue?

  4. Is there a symbol on a Pilkington BMW screen for HUD? I am paying £300 extra for Autoglass to fit a genuine BMW screen, BMW say I need a special screen for the HUD Auto glass say I don’t. WTF

  5. Hi, is there any difference between a PIlkington branded windscreen and a BMW branded windscreen. I am told they are the same as Pilkington supply the glass to BMW.

    many thanks

    • Both will do the same job (obviously) however they’re not always identical parts. In some cases (especially for newer cars) the OE part may have had the BMW motif lasered off, or obliterated with a Pilkington emblem. There is very little evidence to support claims that both variants differ only by the addition/omission of the BMW logo.

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