Textbook Bullseye

First, the impact mark/point is tidied. The break is then dried to remove any moisture present.

Stonechip Repair Windscreen

Windscreen Chip Repair BMW X5

Once the optimum working temperature is achieved, most of the air is removed from behind the impact:

Windscreen Chip Repair

Vacuum stage

The resin injector is positioned over the break for the next step:

Windscreen repair equipment

Glass Doctors bridge with Novus injector

A pressure (and if needed, vacuum) cycle is applied to remove any remaining air and the resin is cured under Ultra Violet light. The final stage is to fill the impact crater with a finishing resin which is also cured under a UV lamp.

Chipped Windscreen Repair

Job done

A textbook bullseye and one of the easiest to repair.



3 thoughts on “Textbook Bullseye

  1. Great insight into a bullseye repair Paul, it’s a shame the big players in this industry are still struggling with the easiest repair possible!

    The bullseye and the vacuum pump go together like cheese n crackers…Bosh

  2. The trouble is in my opinion guys is this: The repair unfortunately is seen by a lot of mainstream technicians as a something to do in between jobs. For some reason a lot of Fitting centre managers also see the repair as, and I am quoting now Just nip and do that repair on your way to. No time is budgeted for and the majority of kits that I have witnessed out there are long overdue being binned. The only conclusion I can reach is that unless Manager and technician attitude is adjusted the whole “that will do” scenario will never change. Sad But True!

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