The Securiflex Windscreen

Porsche Securiflex Windscreen #930 #964

Porsche Securiflex Windscreen #930 #964

Found on some Porsche 930 and 964 models as standard, is what was offered as a ‘safer’ windscreen.
The Securiflex Windscreen was presented as an improved windscreen with a thin, plastic inner laminate attached to the inside surface of a laminated glass. Its purpose was to minimise the risk of lacerations caused in a impact scenario (to a passenger) during a collision. The plastic provides an additional protective coating to the inside of the sandwich construction and thus covers the sharp edges of the broken glass,  reducing the chances of cut and splinter injuries. Its effectiveness was evaluated by comparing its performance with that of a standard windscreen in simulated barrier crashes at speeds of up to 40mph (approx 65 km/h).

4 thoughts on “The Securiflex Windscreen

  1. Invented by St Gobain iirc. Not sure why it didn’t take off, especially with safety conscious manufacturers like Volvo and Saab.
    The inner laminate was supposed to be scratch proof and also stop the glass misting up….however I remember replacing a few on Vauxhall Senators just because of the scratches on the lam.

  2. I have a 964 and it’s no good, because near the defroster trim hot air caused a lot of little bobble, reducing the visibility.
    The same film is applied on the dashboard instrument.
    To fix it, I have to remove the windscreen from the car and trying to use a solvent to destroy this film. I think could works.
    Does anybody do it?

  3. Ciao Paul,
    the car is in Sicily, south of Italy.
    It’s a C4 MY89, Black with Velvet Red interior, and it share the garage with a 911 2.2T MY 71 Light Ivory.
    The 2.2 has the original windscreen, but it has a lot of little scretch, very annoying during the night driving when other cars dazzled me. I have to find something to apply (a glass compound) to reduce this issue. I’ve tried to use cerium oxide, with no success.

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