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  1. Hi Paul, I have a 1961 Alfa that I am taking on the Monte Carlo Rallye on 20th Jan and the stick on heated rear screen has broken, I have tried Granville electro connector with no success, can you help please with any suggestions on how to reattach the breaks??
    I would be very grateful for any advise.

  2. it is a 1961 car and the heated screen is stuck onto the screen. It consists of an aluminium type grid it groups of 4 wires but the grid has 2 small breaks in it which I tried to repair but the product has no electrical conductivity.

  3. Paul, your mobile number doesn’t seem to be correct please can you let me know what it is? Tim

  4. hi paul i’m interested in starting up a similar company up north can you give me any pointers please been in industry for 15 years have a wealth of experience but still always learning just feel i’m ready to go alone and do a proper job instead having to hit targets all the time

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